Thursday, August 5, 2010

Pride, two ways

It's been a very long time since my previous post. It's been more than a year. Rather than recount the year (which would be missing the point of this blog entirely), I'll just report on a few things -- all having to do with pride.

First and foremost: exciting news in the art department where I teach. We will begin blogging regularly, as faculty, on the department blog this fall. We have had two meetings over the summer (and plenty of impromptu conversations) and are excited about the possibility and opportunity to put our ideas out there and invite comments. The blog, of course, is not just for art students at our institution, but, rather, for the entire community. We invite your lurking and participation.

Second: I have been struck by a number of articles and videos that I have come across online. Here's a few of them:
Taken in order, we start with a query and a presumption of inequality that I firmly believe does exist, move toward government intervention as well as grass roots initiatives, and end with hope.

Finally, way to go Jonathan on that first teaching gig, Hannah on completing your M.A. in Education, Rachel on getting into the principal/leadership program, Amber for your work at the Kentucky Arts Council, Ashley on your work as a part-time architectural historian. I am proud of each of you and many, many other former students. Please keep in touch!