Monday, April 30, 2007

The URL -- why femimen?

It was Monday, April 30...a few days before the end of the semester and just before the exams and final critiques commence. A colleague and I were sharing lunch (he had Cheez Its and I some Sun Chips and leftover pizza...) when he showed me how he made his own blog over the weekend. I loved the idea and decided that I wanted to manage my own blog also. So he walked me through the steps. It was easy until it came time to come up with a name, as in an internet name or URL -- how do I want people to know me? To find me...

I tried all of the obvious choices, which will be revealed over the course of several postings in the coming weeks. Each of these was self-referential in some way and, unfortunately, all of these were taken.

I was committed to having only one word as my tagline --- and then Daniel reminded me that I ˆhadˆjust invented a word last week during my Women's Studies class. The word was ˆfemimenˆwhich I defined as men who are feminists. The word stuck and so has become, of late, my tagline.